Black River Memorial Hospital FAQs

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Insurance & Billing


Q: Do I go directly to the Laboratory if I need a lab test?

A: We request all patients first go to the Registration Desk in the front lobby. The Registration Desk will then notify the Laboratory that you are here, and you will then be directed or escorted to the appropriate waiting room.

Q: I already know where the Laboratory is located. Can I go there without stopping at the Registration Desk?

A: We still request that you go directly to the Registration Desk. Laboratory personnel may be working with other patients or in other parts of the building when you arrive. By going to the Registration Desk first, we can ensure the Laboratory knows you are here and waiting.

Q: I have been waiting for over 15 minutes for the Laboratory staff to come and get me. What do I do?

A: There are two options: 1) You can tell any hospital employee and they will be happy to contact the Laboratory for you. 2) You can dial the Registration Desk (1345) from any phone in one of our waiting rooms and they will contact the Laboratory for you. While we know emergencies do arise, we will try our best to keep you informed of an unavoidable delay.


Healthcare billing, insurance and Medicare can be very confusing. At Black River Memorial Hospital, we strive to make the process as easy and patient-friendly as possible. Our Fiscal Services Department is happy to assist with any billing or insurance questions. Please call the appropriate number listed below:

  • Medicare 715-284-1361
  • Medicare Advantage/HMOs 715-284-1310
  • Medical Assistance 715-284-1353
  • Commercial Insurance 715-284-1308
  • Homecare/Hospice/DME 715-284-5361
  • Self Pay 715-284-1368 or 715-284-3691
  • Revenue Cycle Director 715-284-1375
  • Marketplace Certified Application Counselor 715-284-3674

The Fiscal Services office hours are Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Medicare/Medicare Advantage/Medicare HMOs
Black River Memorial Hospital will bill Medicare for your services. If you present supplemental insurance at the time of registration, we will file your insurance for any balance that was not paid by Medicare. You will receive a monthly statement for any personal balance not covered by Medicare or your insurance.

Medical Assistance
Medical assistance cards are required at the time of registration. This is a state regulation, and if you do not show your card the charges could become your personal obligation. There is a daily co-payment for hospital services.

Insurance and HMOs
Black River Memorial Hospital participates in many of the Managed Care Plans offered in our area. Some insurance plans may require a referral or pre-authorization for certain tests or procedures. It is your responsibility to understand the requirements of your plan. If you have any questions about your policy, contact your insurance company's customer service department.

The Fiscal Services Department will bill your insurance company as a courtesy to you if complete billing information was given at the time of registration. We will make every attempt to resolve any billing issues with your insurance company; however, if you receive a statement and our billing office has exhausted all efforts for payment of your claim, you will be responsible for the balance of your account.

Patient Balances
For charges not covered by insurance, we accept cash, personal checks, Visa, MasterCard and Discover. You can pay your bill online. We also can set up a payment plan for your convenience. A Patient Financial Counselor is available Monday through Friday to answer any questions you may have. Please call 715-284-1368 or 715-284-3691 to schedule an appointment.

Community Care
Patients who are unable to pay for their hospital services should apply for the hospital's Community Care Program. This program uses Federal poverty guidelines in determining eligibility as well as household income, size of family, debt, and financial resources of the household. Please contact a Patient Financial Counselor at 715-284-1368 or 715-284-3691 to schedule an appointment.

Statements are prepared and mailed out monthly. E-statements are also available. Sign up here. If you have any questions regarding your statement please call 715-284-5361 and ask to speak with a Financial Services Representative. Detailed bills are available by request.

Q: Who is responsible for paying my hospital bill?

A: The hospital will bill your insurance company directly (unless you specify otherwise). You are ultimately responsible for making certain that your bill is paid.

Q: Who should I contact if there is a change in my insurance, address or telephone number?

A: Any changes should be communicated to the Fiscal Services Department by calling 715-284-5361.

Q: How do I know if you billed my insurance?

A: Your monthly statement will indicate when your insurance was filed, if payment was received or pending, and any remaining amount you owe Black River Memorial Hospital. Please call the Fiscal Service Department at 715-284-5361 if you need assistance.

Q: Who do I contact to set up payment arrangements on my hospital bill?

A: Black River Memorial Hospital has Patient Financial Counselors who will be happy to assist you. Please call 715-284-1368 or 715-284-3691 to discuss any billing arrangements.

Q: What questions should I ask my insurance company?

A: You should ask your insurance company any questions you have. It is important to make sure you understand your insurance coverage before you receive treatment. Some questions you may want to ask your insurance company include:

  • Do I need a referral or prior authorization for this hospital visit?
  • Why did you deny my claim?
  • Is Black River Memorial Hospital covered by my insurance plan?
  • Is this service covered under my insurance plan?
  • What are my out of pocket expenses for which I am responsible?
  • Do you offer coinsurance?
  • What is my deductible?
  • Are there any services or supplies that are not covered?

Q: I was a patient at Black River Memorial Hospital. Why am I receiving bills from Gundersen Lutheran and Sacred Heart Hospital?

A: Black River Memorial Hospital does not staff a radiologist or pathologist. These services are contracted through Gundersen Lutheran and Sacred Heart. Black River Memorial Hospital is contracted to bill for radiology services for most patients; however, if you have Medicare, Medicaid or other federally-funded plan (i.e., TriCare/Champus), you will likely receive a bill from Gundersen Lutheran Radiologists. If you receive any services that require a pathologist you will likely receive a bill from Sacred Heart. Your insurance information is provided to the contracted facility at the time of service.

Q: I have an appointment at Black River Memorial Hospital to see a consulting provider. BRMH is in my HMO Network, but the outreach provider is not. Will my services be covered by insurance?

A: Consulting provider's charges are billed from the facility at which that provider works, not by Black River Memorial Hospital. If the outreach provider is considered out-of-network by your insurance plan, your charges will be covered according to the out-of-network guidelines of your policy. As long as Black River Memorial Hospital is in your network, any charges billed from us for hospital services will be paid as in-network. If you have questions about what providers are in your network, it is best to contact your insurance company or the outreach provider's facility prior to your appointment.

In 2015, the BRMH received thirteen Five Star Excellence Awards from Professional Research Consultants, Inc.