BRMH Cafeteria Menu

August 2016

Sandwich Bar (weekdays only)

Make your own sandwich:

  • Choice of Bread: Flat bread, Wraps, Whole Wheat, White, Croissants
  • Choice of Meat: Shaved Ham, Smoked Turkey, Summer Sausage
  • Salad Sandwich Option (rotating Monday - Friday): Egg salad, Tuna salad
  • Add: Cheese slices, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Onion, Lettuce, Sweet & Dill Pickles
  • Condiments available

Hot Breakfast (7 a.m. - 10 a.m. weekdays only)

Scrambled eggs, bacon, pork links, oatmeal and cream of wheat

Monday- French toast
Wednesday - Crepes
Friday - Pancakes

* BRMH developed BWellthy, an eating program that features great tasting foods that are good for you, too! The BWellthy meal includes an entrée, vegetable, fresh fruit and a milk ($4.00 per meal, ten punches = free meal). You can find healthy meal options every day in the cafeteria.