Outreach Services

BRMH Outreach services

We provide the following outreach services to the entire Jackson County Area.


Our Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) provides 24-hour assistance for people of all ages and abilities.

A PERS device is worn around your neck or wrist, and with just the push of a button, a phone call is placed into the Care Center. 

When the button is pushed, trained Care Center staff call and ask what type of help is needed. If you aren't able to answer the phone, responders, who may be family members or neighbors, are contacted and asked to check on you.

After a responder arrives at your home, one of the Care Center staff will call to determine if additional help is needed. The system also provides links to ambulance, police and fire, as necessary.

Volunteers install the PERS unit in your home, and all it requires is a local landline phone provider. The monthly rental fee ranges from $25 to $30. For an additional cost, the unit may use a cellular line based on signal strength and location. If you have a financial need, we may be able to assist you with the monthly charge.

For more information, contact Sara McCullough at 715-284-1360.


Hospital volunteers provide daily telephone contact with health-impaired older adults who live alone to check on their well-being.

Call Sarah Osegard, Volunteer Services Coordinator, at 715-284-3606 to sign up a loved one for Telecare Services.

CPR Training

We offer CPR Training and Certification throughout the year to the public, businesses and health-care professionals. General CPR and first aid courses also are offered.

Check out our Events and Classes calendar to see the dates of upcoming training sessions.

BRMH received the 2012 Wisconsin Forward Award - Mastery Level by the WI Center for Performance Excellence.

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