Hear From Our Patients

At Black River Memorial Hospital, we are proud of our consistently high patient satisfaction scores. To us, this lets us know we are taking care of our patients in the best possible way. But we know to you, this score is probably just another number. That's why we've asked our satisfied patients to share their real stories with you.

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Patient Testimonials

Here is a small sampling of what people are saying about their experience at Black River Memorial Hospital.

. Emergency Department

"I would like to thank all the staff for the excellent care I received during my stay and the emergency room visit. Everyone was kind, patient, caring, helpful, and kept me comfortable with my needs.... Your hospital was excellent during my two visits and I thank you all so much for your care. It's my hospital of choice as it should be for others. God Bless you All!!"

"My husband was brought to the ER with chest pain. The ER staff was fantastic. He was admitted and Dr. Miller was awesome. Really, I cannot say enough about the quality of his care, the nursing staff and just beautiful hospital. Dr. Miller even did a follow up call after my husband was transferred to another hospital for tests. I never leave a family member alone at the hospital over night, but in this stay, I felt comfortable enough to leave him over night."

"We came in for a cut my 18 month old daughter got on her ear. We saw Dr. Renee Carlson and she was wonderful with my daughter and son who was with. When she was cleaning the ear she had them both 'help' by holding gauze for her and it put them both at ease about the situation. Then while she was putting the 'glue' on my daughter's ear she was crying and Dr Carlson started to sing to her and she stopped crying the second she started to sing. I just wanted to thank her again and let you know what a wonderful job she did with my daughter."

Excellent staff. Very quick in response at the ER. - Gian S

. Homecare / Hospice

"I wanted you to know how grateful we have been within the past two years to have the excellent health care as we cared for my mother who recently died. Alzheimer's is a difficult journey and the home health workers and hospice personnel that we worked with were outstanding."

"As things got more difficult with my mom's health, just knowing we could rely on the hospice team provided our family a huge sense of relief. It was beyond belief the level of support they gave us."

. Rehab

"I would highly recommend the rehab team at BRMH for injuried athletes; they are caring and made me feel comfortable during my therapy."

. Respiratory

"The first night I wore my CPAP mask, I fell asleep within three minutes and woke up feeling like a million bucks!"

. Obstetrics

When I gave birth to my son at Black River Memorial Hospital, every single staff member that I met (before and after delivery) was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I have no complaints whatsoever! - Michelle. G.

. Surgical Services

"I never for a moment thought to go any where else besides BRMH. Through the entire process, Dr. Nick Kitowski made me feel at ease; like he never doubted he'd get it all." - Breast Cancer Survivor

So friendly to us as parents and to our son. Always a bright sunny smile and kind words.

. Nutrition Services

Thank you for not only providing delicious food and excellent service to my son while he was hospitalized, but for doing the same for us as well.

Video Testimonials

View "Your Perspective" videos, or watch the testimonial videos below to see why our patients chose us and how we were able to make their lives better.