November - December:
REHAB: New addition walls constructed. Services moving to Main Entrance December 20.
SURGICAL: New addition constructed. Windows removed from waiting area.
NUTRITION SERVICES: Some of the cafeteria space is being used for a walk-in cooler, while the new one is constructed. 
NOISE ESCALATION: This project will cause moments of loud noises. Ear buds and ear plugs are available.

December 20 - June 30: Dorothy Halvorson Conference Rooms will no longer be available for meetings or events.

January - May
: Rehab opens in conference room areas at main entrance. Use the main entrance for all Rehab services.
April - May: Lab, OB and Respiratory Therapy remodel
April: Kitchen and Dining Area remodel begins
May: Rehab and Surgical Services additions complete and open
May - June: Emergency Department Registration remodel
May - July: Diagnostic Imaging remodel
September: Lobby, Registration and Gift Shop remodel begins

January: Lobby, Registration and Gift Shop remodel complete



We are excited to share updates on our construction project.

The project includes additions in:

  • Surgical and specialty services
  • Rehabilitation and outpatient services
  • Behavioral health
  • A new outpatient entrance with access to Urgent Care

Renovations include:

  • Cafeteria and kitchen will add more seating and create better flow for customers and staff.
  • The Gift Shop will be remodeled to decrease storage for more retail space and update furnishings
  • Main lobby will be remodeled for privacy and address noise concerns.
  • Diagnostic Imaging and Lab will be reconfigured for better flow with other outpatient departments
  • OB will be renovated for technological improvements
  • And many other small projects throughout the building

 The project will be completed by spring of 2020.



December 5, 2018

July 30, 2018

September 24, 2018

October 18, 2018



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