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At Black River Memorial Hospital, we are proud of our consistently high patient satisfaction scores. But to you, this score is probably just another number. That's why we've asked our satisfied patients to share their real stories.

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With all of the questions Christine already had, and all of the decisions she had to make as a first time mom, she was relieved that choosing where to give birth was a no brainer - Black River Memorial Hospital.

Black River Memorial Hospital was close and convenient for prenatal care appointments, childbirth classes and for the day of delivery, she also found peace of mind in knowing that she was born in the hospital.

In addition to the family tradition and convenience of BRMH, Christine loved being able to labor, deliver and receive post-partum care all in one room, and she took advantage of the birthing suite's amenities like the large Jacuzzi tub. Plus, she was able to have her personal doctor deliver her child.

All of these things, coupled with the high-quality nurses, provided a comfortable environment for Christine to welcome her son Carson into her life.

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