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Harry Lipke was a three-sport athlete in high school-wrestling, football and track. But a triple knee injury in seventh grade almost made participating in any sport impossible.

The injury happened at a wrestling meet; Harry had his opponent in a hold, when he suddenly twisted. This sent Harry's upper body toward the mat, but his heel remained planted. So as he fell, his left leg from his knee down didn't move.

That's how Harry tore his ACL, MCL and fractured a bone close to his knee.

While he wasn't able to finish that meet, Harry was able to return to sports, thanks in large part to Black River Memorial Hospital's physical therapy department. He went through rehabilitation sessions following his MCL repair a few months after the original injury, and Harry went back to BRMH after he had his ACL repair surgery during his sophomore year of high school.

Both of Harry's experiences with the BRMH physical therapy team not only enabled him to finish his high school competitive sports career strong, but they also inspired his future career. Harry will be starting at UW-La Crosse in the fall of 2014, pursuing a degree in physical therapy.

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