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Kim has always had sensitive lungs, with no clear diagnosis. It's not simply asthma or COPD, but a combination of factors that lead to the quick onset of pneumonia and other serious respiratory illnesses.

In May 2013, Kim's condition sent her on a frantic trip to the BRMH emergency room. The BRMH team was able to stabilize Kim's breathing and oxygen levels, but they had to help her transition to more specialized respiratory care only available at a larger health system. However, if Kim hadn't come to BRMH first, fluid buildup in her lungs could have taken her life.

Recovering from this respiratory illness in 2013 took a toll on Kim's overall health. It was clear she'd need assistance getting back to living normally. And once again, she chose BRMH to help her. She completed physical therapy and worked with BRMH's dietitian to implement diet changes that would support her strength training and healing.

But ultimately what she really needed was to learn how to control her respiratory condition. So, Kim turned to the BRMH respiratory department for pulmonary rehab and smoking cessation support.

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