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At Black River Memorial Hospital, we are proud of our consistently high patient satisfaction scores. But to you, this score is probably just another number. That's why we've asked our satisfied patients to share their real stories.

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On the follow-through of what would otherwise have been a beautiful golf swing, Leah Johnson heard a dreadful sound: a popping, crunching sound in her knee. After that, she found she wasn't able to walk very well. 

A trip to the doctor led Leah to Diagnostic Imaging where she met Fran Zahrte, MRI Tech. Leah had a "pretty awesome" time during her test, thanks to Fran's easy to understand instructions and being able to relax with her choice of music. 

To Leah, what was even better than the experience of the MRI itself was the peace of mind that came from seeing the results. It was determined that surgery wasn't necessary for her, so with physical therapy and care, she was free to keep doing her favorite activities. 

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