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It was hard for Sheila Young to be her normal, happy self when she was constantly plagued with such a bad problem: recurrent bladder infections. She was constantly on medication, ended up being allergic to one of them, and then, over time, became resistant to the antibiotics.

Sheila (and her body) had reached her limit when one month, she was in the hospital for a total of 18 days. She had developed sepsis, a life-threatening immune response. Her uterus was prolapsing. Her doctors said there was nothing else to be done.

But Sheila wasn't convinced. A family member and an infection prevention nurse suggested getting a second opinion. So Sheila went to Black River Memorial Hospital, and met with Dr. Josiah Nelson and Dr. Nick Kitowski who determined that the best course of action would be three procedures: a hysterectomy, prolapse repair, and a bladder sling. This would solve Shelia's ailments and get her back to full health.

The procedures were successful, and Sheila recovered without complications. She raves about the providers and quality of care she received at BRHM, and emphasizes that the doctors and nurses all treated her like family.

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