Evergreen Memorial Service

Please join us for the Evergreen Memorial Service to celebrate the memories of those we have lost. This year's event is virtual and can be viewed in the comfort of your own home beginning the first week of December. The video can be shared with family and friends and viewed as often as you like.

Please fill out the registration form below by November 12 to receive a packet mailed to you containing the event program, information on how to view the video, and a special gift from us in memory of your loved one.

 The entire staff at B-Home Services and Supplies is here to help support you during your time of loss and grief. Feel free to contact us at 715-284-3662.


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Special Memories Shared

In memory of

Dixie Gansel

“Dixie often joyfully proclaimed, "God has a plan for me." Through Dixie, He brought all of us together, in love, with a renewed bond to care for her at all levels, physically and emotionally to love her and keep her safe.”

Shared by Mary Jo & Danny Rozmenoski

In memory of

Charles Stein

“Best dad ever. He is so loved and missed. Hope he is happy now that he is with my mom.”

Shared by Jennifer Hanson

In memory of

Dale D. Davis

“We miss and love you - everyday.”

Shared by Janet Davis

In memory of

Illa Johnson

“This year I said goodbye to my mom. I miss her hugs, smiles, and all the "I love you"s. She would be getting so excited about the upcoming holiday season decorating, baking cookies, and planning meals. I know she is in a brighter place still smiling. But this year she is walking on the streets of gold in Heaven with my dad. What better place to celebrate Christmas than in Heaven with our Savior. She will not be setting her angels around her house this year. She will be celebrating with the angels. Sending love to all who have lost loved ones. Hold on to your memories and try to make some new ones.”

Shared by Carol Jarrett

In memory of

Genevieve Johnson

A very special memory of mine and our children's was on January 2, 2021, when Mom had just been released from COVID isolation. We could still only have window visits and even though Mom was very weak, she seemed to have more joy and peace than I had ever seen. We were able to visit by phone, sing 'Silent Night' together, and just before we left, she said, "We just need to love each other, don't we."

Shared by Jan Reuter

In memory of

Dana Solberg

Dana loved collecting Christmas Hallmark ornaments and going out cutting a Christmas tree with the grandkids.

In memory of

Willie Gearing

Willie, you brought a light so great to the world that even after you are gone, the light remains.

Shared by Cathy Gearing


In memory of

Robert Salzman

We were married almost 53 years. He was a wonderful friend and companion during all of those years. He was  jack of all trades and was always ready to help those in need.

Shared by Janice Salzman

In memory of

Delores (Dorie) Strozewski

Dorie, known by family and friends was the life of the party! She was generous and loved to help others. She had several collections including Christmas and dolls. She loved Christmas and was famous for her homemade sugar cookies. She will be in our hearts and thoughts, especially this Christmas season.

Shared by Tunney Strozewski

In memory of

Eric Tollefson

Eric was a prankster and enjoyed a good laugh. He was a proud Chevy owner and extremely mechanically talented. He was a valued and appreciated employee and friend to Capaul’s. He is missed every day and will be in our thoughts this holiday season.

Shared by Capaul's Floor Covering / Connie and Al Capaul & Staff

In memory of

Virginia (Jinny) Johnson

Mom loved her family home and people with the Hospice care made that all possible while making each visit enjoyable. Nurse Mary called Mom “Peanut.” She liked that and enjoyed everyone who cared for her. You were all so kind. She had many fun conversations with all who helped with her care. Thank you everyone for all you did for our Mom.

Shared by Brenda Trachsel


In memory of

Dorothy Gearing

We all miss mom's smile. She was always such a positive person. She loved to volunteer and help others. One of her greatest joys was to spend time with her family, especially grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Shared by Patty Harelson

In memory of

Trevor J. Zeller

Most loving father to his son, Turtle, and wonderful husband. Loved and missed everyday. May the eternal light shine upon him.

Shared by Alexia Zeller

In memory of

Lawrence L. Anibas

Dad was one of the most caring and hard-working people I have ever met. He was a great role model for his family as well as many others that knew him. He was also willing to lend a helping hand whenever needed and many people looked to him for advice, especially when it came to fixing things. The holiday season will be hard for us this year but family and friends will get us through. We love and miss you Dad!

In memory of

Norman O. Johnson

In July we said goodbye to our dad, grandpa, uncle, and friend. He was a very caring, easy-going man that was very active until his health slowed him down and eventually made it impossible for him to be active. We as a family were blessed to take care of him and keep him in his home until the end. We miss him very much and this holiday season will not be the same without him.

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