BRMH Partners with Second Stork to Help New Parents in Need


When a carload of donated newborn supplies was delivered this week, Black River Memorial Hospital became the 100th hospital to partner with Second Stork, a Minnesota-based nonprofit organization.

Second Stork’s mission is to help new parents by providing immediate access to the essential care items required to keep a newborn safe and healthy the first few weeks. Through their partnerships with hospitals, the organization provides basic infant-care supplies such as diapers, wipes, clothing, bottles, portable bassinets, and more to parents in need who otherwise may not have access to these types of essentials.

Rochelle Kubaskie, BRMH Obstetrics Director stated, “We are so excited to be partnering with Second Stock. Having the ability to provide local parents with supplies to care for their newborn during times of financial crisis is a gift we are honored to help facilitate.”

Second Stork accepts orders from hospital representatives, and products are delivered to each facility by volunteers. Healthcare professionals then work directly with families and can act quickly because there is no paperwork to fill out. Items are distributed to families in crisis at the time a newborn is discharged—no strings attached.

Since 2009, Second Stork has helped give more than 10,000 babies in Wisconsin and Minnesota a safe and healthy start.


BRMH Obstetrics Department registered nurse Hailey Olson (left) gratefully accepts essential infant products from Deborah O’Halloran, co-founder and board president of Second Stork. Supplies are distributed to parents in need to help keep their newborn safe and healthy.

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