Black River Healthcare Clinic


How Did We Get Here?

According to a recent study, Jackson County needs many additional therapists for our population. Black River Healthcare Clinic is stepping up and providing a holistic approach to patient care by integrating primary care with behavioral health. Our patient-centered, team-based approach provides better quality care to our patients and lowers the cost of healthcare for all.

Clinic Purpose

The purpose of our clinic is to align those patients without a primary care provider with a primary care team. For patients who mainly use the emergency department for primary care, this will be a more affordable option for them.

Our clinic is a family medicine practice that integrates behavioral health and is open to the public. Visiting specialists in orthopedics, ophthalmology, and more will be available to patients.


HealtheLife Patient Portal


Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday
7:00am - 7:00pm

8:00am - Noon

Clinic Leadership

Amy Yaeger

Clinic Director



Matthew Streeter

Chief Financial Officer



Esteban Miller, MD

Chief Medical Officer



Family Medicine Providers

Behavioral Health Providers

Corinne Billet

Licensed Clinical Social Worker



Danielle Jacobs

Licensed Clinical Social Worker



Hailey Schneider

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner



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