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Our patients benefit from room service and 5-Star menus based on each patient's needs.

Our healthier options follow the My Plate recommendations. My Plate is a program from the U.S. Department of Agriculture that offers nutritional guidelines and recommendations:

  • 50% of the plate has fruits and vegetables
  • Offer new flavors from culinary herbs, spices, and light sauces
  • Have locally-sourced seasonal choices when available
  • Include Mediterranean-style items with beans, legumes, and whole grains
  • Range from 495 - 594 calories

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Ruth Lahmayer Chipps, MS, RD, CD,
is our registered dietitian.

She provides medical nutrition therapy services to patients with a physician referral. Ruth works with physicians and other members of your medical team to ensure nutritional goals are met.
She assists with:

  • Nutrition therapy for heart disease
  • Weight management
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Digestive disorders
  • Food allergies
  • Educational programs and support groups 


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