Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists restore and analyze function.

Treatment methods include adjusting environment and activities, education, exercise, edema reduction and bracing. Our occupational therapists provide this service in inpatient, outpatient, home and business settings.


Fall Prevention

Fall prevention is very important to us.

For Seniors                                                          

Our occupational therapists assist with offering recommendations to hospital staff and patients who are hospitalized and provide in-home fall risk assessments, which is a Medicare-covered service through outpatient services. The therapist is able to go into the home and assess risks for falling including footwear, home setup, balance, vision, cognition, and medication. Recommendations are given to individuals to help prevent future falls.

For the Community

Stepping On is a workshop offered in Black River Falls by Black River Memorial Hospital, funded through a grant through Jackson County Department of Aging that helps older adults prevent falls. The workshop is held for two hours, once a week, for seven weeks followed by a three month booster session.

Stepping On helps participants identify why they fall and different ways to prevent falls, including strength and balance exercises, home safety check suggestions and a medication review. Participants view a display of falls prevention products. The workshop is for people who have fallen and for people who fear falling. Participants leave with more strength, better balance, and experience a feeling of confidence and independence as a result of performing various exercises and sharing personal falls experiences as a group. This class is ideal for individuals who are able to walk with or without a cane or may use a walker in the community but otherwise are fairly independent. Research has found that people who complete the workshop have a 31% reduced rate of falls.

For more information on Stepping On, click on https://wihealthyaging.org/stepping-on . For more information on when the next class will be held, call 715-284-1330.

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