Respiratory Care

At Black River Memorial Hospital, our Respiratory Care Department provides testing and treatments to preserve and improve lung function for those with lung disorders.

Our respiratory therapy staff works with a variety of patients, from newborns to the elderly, with breathing problems and/or lung disease.

Tobacco Cessation Programs

Black River Memorial Hospital offers a variety of tobacco cessation programs and services. View here.

The BRMH Respiratory Care Department conducts a variety of different diagnostics including:

  • Pulmonary Function Tests (to see how your lungs take in and release air and how well they distribute oxygen into the blood stream)
  • Oximetry Test (commonly used at-home test that provides basic information on how well you are getting oxygen)


Home Medical Equipment

Our respiratory staff also provides respiratory homecare services. Patients can purchase respiratory medical equipment and supplies for home use, at B-Home Services and Supplies including:

  • Oxygen concentrators
  • Portable oxygen
  • Nebulizers and supplies
  • CPAP/BiPAP with masks and supplies







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Respiratory Care Center Tour

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