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Eat Well

Weight gain during the holidays isn't a given–it can be prevented by maintaining a balanced diet all year round, in addition to practicing a few simple tips during the holiday season. With just a few strategies, you can avoid holiday weight gain while still enjoying friends, family, and the holiday feast! 

Tips for Success

  1. Don't skip meals. Cutting out meals in the days or weeks leading up to the holiday in an attempt to lose weight before the holidays come will only make you more likely to overeat when the holiday meals do come along. Instead, practice well-balanced and healthful eating leading up to the holidays, including adequate fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, high fiber foods, and whole grains.
  2. Avoid overeating. Remember, you can over eat even the healthier options, as they still have calories. Try to balance portions of everything on your plate at the holiday meal.
  3. Veggies first. To avoid overeating, try using a smaller plate, first filling your plate with the vegetable and salad options before adding the entrees and desserts to the plate. Eating a salad or vegetable first can help you eat fewer calories overall, stay fuller longer, and feel more satisfied overall. This way you are more likely to get a larger amount of the vegetables and smaller portions of the higher-calorie entrees and desserts.
  4. Slowly savor. Enjoy every bite. Before continuing to eat, take a few seconds to pause and feel if you really are still hungry, or if your stomach is full.
  5. Play your part. If you are bringing a snack or dish to the holiday gathering, make it a healthier option. Bring something like fruit or vegetable tray, roasted vegetable side dish, salad, lean meat option, whole grain pasta salad, or a health-conscious entree. This will allow you and your family members to have a healthy option, and they don't even have to know it!
  6. Be mindful of beverages. Beverages can be a sneaky way of adding extra calories to your diet, without adding substance. Avoid sugar-sweetened and high-calorie beverages, to allow you to enjoy more of the food options, while avoiding excessive calorie intake. Try drinking water with lemon, tea, or coffee instead of punch or hot cocoa at the holiday gathering.
  7. Moderation, moderation, moderation! You don't necessarily need to completely avoid desserts and treats, but choose smaller portions, and eat these foods in moderation. Try only one dessert option, or if you really want to try two options, choose half of each piece to equal a whole piece.
  8. Exercise is key. Avoiding holiday weight gain isn't all about the food, however. Physical activity is an essential part of maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle. Activity is a useful tool for staying healthy during the holidays just as it is during all times of the year. In addition to getting adequate exercise leading up to and after the holidays, try getting extra activity on the actual holiday. After the holiday meal, get moving! This would be a great time to gather up the family and go outside to play a game of football, or simply going out for a walk with the whole crew. Stay mindful of your eating during the holidays, as well as your activity level!

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Sleep Well

Getting a good night’s sleep is not just a “time out” from daily life. Those who sleep well get sick less often and lower their risk for serious health problems like diabetes and heart disease.

Good Sleep Hygiene – Tips and Tricks

Exercise – Exercise helps people sleep better however it depends on the time of day and your overall fitness level. Vigorous exercise right before bed can be too stimulating.

Avoid Caffeine – Caffeine stimulates the brain and interferes with sleep. If you suffer from insomnia, you should not drink more than 2 caffeinated beverages a day and you should not have any after 12:00 noon.

Avoid Alcohol – One effect of alcohol is a slowing of brain activity which can induce sleep at first but will disrupt sleep later in the night. For sound sleep, avoid alcohol within four to six hours of bedtime.

Avoid Nicotine – Nicotine is another stimulating drug that interferes with sleep. Also, nicotine withdrawal can also disrupt sleep throughout the night. Smokers who break the habit can expect to fall asleep faster and wake up less during the night.

Meals – Eating a full meal shortly before bedtime can cause stomach upset and interfere with the ability to fall asleep and stay asleep. A light snack can be helpful, however. Milk and other dairy products with carbohydrates such as crackers are especially good as bedtime snacks.

Distract Your Mind – Lying in bed unable to sleep can be frustrating. Avoid clock watching. Distracting your mind by reading, listening to an audiobook or some other quiet activity may help.

Manage Stress – Life can cause all kinds of stress. To help relieve tension before bedtime, try relaxation exercises, meditation or biofeedback. Another technique that can be helpful is to designate a particular time to worry. By taking thirty minutes to write down problems, it helps your mind focus on one thing at a time. Once they are written down, you can set them aside to be dealt with in the morning.

Maintain a regular go-to-bed and wakeup time - even on days off and weekends.

Avoid napping - during the day. If daytime sleepiness becomes overwhelming, limit nap time to less than one hour no later than 3:00 p.m.

Source: American Academy of Sleep Medicine

Live Well

B-Home Services and Supplies

Retail Store

You will find affordable, quality solutions for all of your healthcare needs at B-Home Services and Supplies, 311 County Highway A, Black River Falls, WI. Products for purchase include wheelchairs, lift chairs, bathroom safety products, contoured pillows, products for breastfeeding mothers, and much more. The knowledgeable staff can help tailor the products and solutions to fit your lifestyle. Superior products, great customer service and easy access are all here to help you remain independent in your own home.

Home-Based Services

Black River Memorial Hospital’s Homecare Program can bring care to you and your loved ones in the comfort of your own home. Home health aides can help with meal preparation, light housekeeping and personal care such as bathing. Other services include skilled nursing services that can include assessments and procedures. In-home therapy such as physical therapy and speech therapy are also available.

The Palliative Care program helps patients manage pain and other symptoms of a serious, chronic, or life-threatening illness at any stage of their illness. The program provides a team-based support system to help patients and their family’s better cope with illness and connect with community resources. While palliative care is included with all hospice care, not all palliative care is hospice.

Hospice services are generally available to patients who have been diagnosed with six or fewer months to live. Patients and their families receive the personal attention of a team of BRMH doctors and nurses, social workers, chaplains, home health aides, and trained volunteers. These compassionate caregivers not only help ease physical pain but also, provide much-needed psychological, social, and spiritual support to both the patient and family.

Play Well

Exercise For Your Health

There are plenty of recreational opportunities in the Jackson County area. Enjoy hiking, swimming, biking and all types of exercise, all close to home.



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