Black River Memorial Hospital Now Offers Nitrous Oxide to Mothers During Labor and Delivery


Nitrous oxide sometimes called “laughing gas” is now available for mothers who deliver their babies at Black River Memorial Hospital. Nitrous oxide is used for pain management during labor without causing a total loss of feeling or any loss of muscle movement. This treatment is gaining popularity in the U.S. but has mainly been used in other countries around the world for nearly 100 years.


Nitrous oxide is a tasteless, odorless gas that is given through a mask. BRMH Obstetrics Director, Cheri Everson stated, “Nitrous used in labor and delivery helps to calm the laboring mother and reduces pain and anxiety. Mothers have complete control as they hold the mask over their own nose and mouth.” The use of nitrous oxide is safe for the mother and baby. It does not affect the alertness of the baby, nor does it interfere with breastfeeding.


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