Black River Memorial Hospital recognized for efforts in tissue donation


Black River Memorial Hospital (BRMH) has been recognized by the American Tissue Services Foundation (ATSF). According to ATSF, BRMH achieved a 53.8-percent tissue donation rate in 2017. This means that tissue was recovered on 53.8-percent of BRMH’s eligible donors. Hospital staff also received training from ATSF in tissue donation practices during the year.

Many more people are eligible tissue donors than they are organ donors. Organ donation usually takes place when brain death has occurred. Transplants must be performed within a short time afterward. Tissue can be recovered within 12 to 24 hours of death and preserved for later use.

Over one million surgeries are performed each year using tissue donations. These tissues include bone, skin, heart valves, connective tissue, and veins. The donation of a ligament can improve the life of an injured athlete. Burn victims can benefit from a skin donation. Eyesight can be restored by the gift of corneas. BRMH Patient and Family Services Director, Kathy Laudon said, “When working with patients and community members, we stress the importance of donating organs and tissue. Patients who receive the gift of an organ or tissue can return to a more fulfilled life.”

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Joyce Kratz, (right) with ATSF, celebrated with BRMH senior leaders and staff on being recognized as a recipient of the 2017 Tissue Donation Recognition Award.

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