Don’t be the victim of fraud: Scams on the rise in our area


Phishing emails and telephone scams are on the rise in our area. The caller or email will appear to be from a local business. They may claim to offer free cruises, lowered interest rates, copies of invoices and threats of collections for past due payments. 

Additional threats include technicians calling to report you have an infected computer and they can remotely fix it for a small fee. There have also been scams for getting people to donate to disaster relief.

There have been recent calls to the community showing Black River Memorial Hospital (BRMH), on the caller ID and the caller states they are representing the hospital. We would like to advise the community that they should not give out personal information over the phone and that BRMH would not call them to get this information. Personal information would include social security numbers, credit card information, etc.

It is important for members of the community and local businesses to be aware of increased threats to personal, financial and confidential information. Some things people can do to protect themselves include:

  • Do not click on links in emails
  • Do not enter a user ID and password to websites visited through a link
  • If you are unsure if the claim is true, search for the website to go to it directly and then log in
  • Hang up and contact the support number to verify the authenticity of the email or phone call

A sense of urgency is often used to pressure people into making a quick decision. Do not be pressured into something over an email or a phone call.

The Department of Homeland Security and The National Cyber Security Alliance offer great resources to help citizens at


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